Seetoo Properties LLC has provided a unique rental service to many visiting professionals and their families or persons in transition for more than 20 years in this highly educated and transient community of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Located in quiet neighborhoods, yet the houses under this management offer convenient access to shopping and city bus routes.  Houses offer at least two full baths and three or four bedrooms so that tenants can entertain visiting relatives and friends from their home countries as they make Ann Arbor the home away from home while visiting other tourist attractions in the United States.

All the properties are fully equipped and furnished, down to the smallest details, including towels, pots and pans, etc.  Tenants can fully enjoy the ambience that Ann Arbor offers without spending time and resources in setting up a household in an unfamiliar city.  Tenants can practically arrive with suitcases only, knowing that the essential services of water, electricity and gas are connected.  Tenants reimburse the utilities expenses according to invoices.

In the standard lease, which covers 12 months, subject to negotiation, lawn mowing and gardening services are included in the rent, so that tenants can enjoy life in a house without the time-consuming maintenance work that home owners have to do.

Every year before cooling and heating seasons, all the air conditioning units and furnaces are regularly cleaned and checked by Robertson Morrison Heating and Cooling to ensure reliable service during summer and winter.

Additional services may include, but are not limited to, airport pickups and drop-offs, orientation to the Ann Arbor area, etc. The ultimate goal of the management is for tenants and families to enjoy their stay in Ann Arbor.

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